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Welcome To Guru Ayu Care

Guru Ayucare Hospital is founded with a lofty motive that aims at upholding the glory of this tradition and keeping you hale and hearty. It provides expert indigenous therapies such as ‘Panchakarma’

Whatever your ailment, the Guru Ayucare consultancy wing diagnoses it with utmost care and prescribes surefire remedies. Guru Ayucare has been founded with a noble resolve to uphold the heritage of Ayurveda and impart its splendours to the sick, without diluting its essence and energy.

It has served scores of patients from far and near, adding to its clientele.Guru Ayucare is run by an expert and esteemed doctor, Dr. Bukka Mahesh babu. He is deep-versed in the principles and practices of this ancient science. Several chronic and several ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, paralysis, facial palsy, motor neuron diseases, ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, various spine and brain diseases,Heapatitis, gastric and peptic ulcers respond to very specialized therapies administered at Guru Ayucare.

The regimens include, elakizhi (Leaf bundle massage), Navarakizhi (Rice bundle massage), Sirodhara (Head bath with medicated oil), etc.Highly specialized treatments including Panchakarma are systematically and attentively administered. For these intensive treatments patients need to check in to our hospital since meticulous care and continuous clinical monitoring are called for. Trained personnel are at hand to give the massages and a specialty kitchen prepares authentic Ayurvedic medicines, leaf bundles, etc. All this attention inspires the patient with confidence and induces peace of mind which contributes in no small measure to the effectiveness of the treatment.