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Dr. Bukka Mahesh Babu - The wizard of ancient medicine

Dr. Bukka Mahesh babu is a man of high intellect and a keen vision towards the society. He comes from the family of traditional ayurvedic doctors and medicine designers. He has been in the field of practice of ayurveda from the last 3-4 decades. He is very well versed with the technical treatments given to his patients in th form of pancha karma. He is a well known coloumnist in almost all of the telugu news daily papers. He has done around 1000 to 1200 electronic media programs for many telugu tv channels and has given around 200-300 talks on All India Radio in various Languages.

He has started his career as a practioner of ayurveda and is now diversified into the fields of magazine publishing, medicine marketing and drug designing. His contributions to the field of ayurveda is enormous and is appreciated by foriegn authors. He has been doing research in the fields of alternative medicine, indian medical communities, history of ayurveda, tribal & folk medicine.

He is also a reputed orthopedician by profession, and has practiced in India for over 30 years in some of his own medical set ups. A visionary who started the hospital by founding the now internationally reputed Guru Ayu Care Ayurvedic Center with a vision of “Bringing Ayurveda to the forefront of modern medicine” in a global level. He has written articles on “spine problems” and “obesity” and is a regular speaker in the radio on medical topics.He is known for his service in and around Andhra Pradesh. He conducted many programs, free of cost or sponsored by well known pharmaceutical companies. His experience in dealing with people and combining ayurveda with the modern and technical side of diagnosis helps in making Guru Ayu care a full fledged and perfect destination for the words Multi-speciality Ayurvedic clinic. He is also a great writer who is inspired by himself in writing better articles every time he sees the previous one. He has recently started a magazine called Sanjeevini, and is the chief editor of that magazine.He is now ready to take his practice to the next level with his experience and the knowledge he gained from his past experiences and his habit of reading a great number of books.